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Ashbury Bullet Review

Review: Ashbury Bullet Goggles

I’ve used these for 7 days so far this season in varying conditions on Mt. Hood and this is what I have learned about them:

I have a larger field of vision in these than in Ashbury Kaleidoscope goggles, Anon Figment goggles or Oakley Crowbars. 

The chrome lens they came with works very well in sunny and partly cloudy weather.  I have had no glare issues. 

In overcast weather with light snowfall the yellow lens gave me good visibility. However, in low light conditions (snowing heavily), I’ve had some issues with visibility such as making out subtle changes in the terrain ahead of me. 

These goggles have a tendency to fog in wet, heavy snow conditions if the top vent isn’t protected by a hood or a helmet from falling snow. 

They look great ;)

Day 7: Somewhere in that powder cloud a method grab is happening.

Day 6:  Tracked blower powder with some fresh stashes in the trees.  Cascade opened and the cornice was awesome with some untouched windblown pow.  Slashes all day. 

Day 5: Tracked powder with some hidden stashes. Lot’s of fun hits today.

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